Here’s a group I was told about. Still working on the translations, but the musica is pretty solid.

12:34 am

With a blister broken open
We play the parts that we’ve been given
Only finding we have nothing to show
And the darkness clouds us.

Cool beams of car lights flash by
The people traveling home to rest awhile.
But I can’t join into that scene for we still have things
Left unspoken.

Avoiding eyes, and hidden hearts we all need some
Way to heal them.
Your just the one to gets things done,
My Lost and Forgotten.

The phone won’t ring to brake the silence
But the clock till keeps the time
Going through our heads the simple boundaries
Remembering what is yours and what is mine.

A hurdle we may cherish, as we bear our battle scars,
The time may not be perfect, but we are where we are.
I know its late so now I’ll put down my guitar,
If anything your never lost and forgotten.

BRB 2014

Ok, fudge it… I’m breaking out the guitar….

Balliwood meet La Oreja De Van Gogh.

Trouble with shuffle surf in’ the pod, I get into a half hour groove dance off. Seriously, dance party in my head.