Edgar Allen Poe, Emily Dickinson, C.S. Lewis are just a few of many that have walked down the path of darkness and hardship.

There is more

I am called to serve,
Chosen to guide and teach.

My training reflects the state of our world,
The acceptance mirrors the level of collapse.
The stage of corruption and disobedience.

I am neither vain nor completely trusting of this call,
And I battle with it daily, not because it is not good work,
But because I am often weak and at times still a bit selfish.

A slave to some remaining poor habits.
There is a bucket list I have yet to complete,
awkwardness that seems perpetual,
But I have come to accept my flaws
While learning to admire (not resent) the gifts of others.

My only gift is that of good council,
My only wealth is from the gifts I have cultivated in others.
So to you, I tip my hat and pray that
What you gain from me
Will make you better.

May it lead you to stability and peace.
BRB 2014

Forgetting what you want

That is what life does,
Buries your happiness.
Then one day, you wake up and realize
The only one left burying it is you.

My addictions aren’t even considered issues
In some circles.
But that’s the devil talking.

Sometimes I say things because I had to be
Silence for so long.

I walk a lonely road, where my own kind hates me.
Corruption has lead to endless sorrow.
Which seems to render the world blind.

But I will not give up. I will crawl from this doom
Though it takes all my life, and when I am free
There will be nothing of those who buried me.

For they will be forgotten. Their woes remain in vain,
As they have chosen them to be.

Today was Origami and arpeggios. Both provided a beautiful outlet.
Today is one of those days a satellite drops out of orbit and we can’t use our cell phones. Feels like it, anyway.